• s.tudi.o


    s.tudi.o is Suzie Lou’s brand.Coming from France she is defined by the multiple countries she visited and lived in for the past 10 years. Born French, she blossomed through the influence of several ethnics and new values met on the way.
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    Manaf is a Syrian Artist, based in Berlin. He started drawing at a young age, inspired by music and life around him. Back in Syria Manaf studied Graphic Design, then moved to Istanbul where he started his career, to finally land in Berlin, his current main residence. Manaf focused on doing his own kind of art — Dark doodles, tribal art and illustrations among other mixed techniques...
  • J.Rach


    Stylist crafty person, highly passionate about fashion.At a younger age, her passion and natural skills brought her to start her own handmade clothing products. She was using waste fabric and redesigning vintage clothes to bring them into style again.
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