• Damascene Brocade

    Damascene Brocade

    Brocade textile industry is an ancient handicraft, that Syrians have practiced since 3 centuries. The Kurds of Damascus, throughout this period, are the main workforce who mastered this craft using hand loom. The cloth is mainly made of natural silk, sometimes gold and silver threads are added. This craft is very delicate, detail oriented/accurate and exhausting. One and a half meter of brocade requires 8 hours...
  • Approach


    Traditional Crafts  . We are fascinated by Syrian traditional crafts. Particularly traditional embroideries such as Aghabani, which has played an essential role in the Syrian culture for hundreds of years. It was passed from one generation to another, and Damascenes are known to have mastered this technique. Traditionally, repetitive patterns and arabesque geometries are embroidered using gold and silver silk threads. We attempt in...
  • At the Nostromo Festival in France

    At the Nostromo Festival in France

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