About Us

nopoın. is an independent fashion brand with focus on producing comfortable high quality clothes made of 100% natural fabric.

Based in Europe, coming from a Middle Eastern background, we exploit crafts and qualities within these diverse societies and express them through our products. We, therefore, dig art and culture around us and apply them by using Syrian traditional embroidery into most of our clothes.

Our platform provides space for independent artists to expose their art freely and thus give traditional embroidery a modern makeover. It also hosts passionate designers to establish their own fashion line under our vision. Consequently, we are keen to generate a social positive impact by empowering these communities.

Our pieces are made with effort, patience, and precision by local skilled artisans who've practiced their craft for years. It is essential for us to work with craftsmen who share our value and collaboratively work hard to deliver a unique and exceptional items that are limited in quantity.

nopoın. is dedicated to producing environmentally friendly products. We are conscious about the impact of our actions, and are constantly in the process into a more sustainable supply chain.

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